Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant with Over 12 Years of Experience in Long Term Care, Outpatient, Post Rehabilitation and Home Health Assisting Patients


Doug Jansma

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It’s probably no surprise to those that know me that I chose a career in a helping profession. There are few rewards that match the satisfaction of knowing I’ve played a role in improving patient’s lives through Physical Therapy. As I move forward in my career into management, the act of helping continues to be the core of my work philosophy.

Not so coincidentally, it’s the core of my life philosophy too.

In addition to my roles as Rehab Director and Physical Therapy Assistant at RehabCare Therapy, I also wear a few hats for the business my wife and I founded, Creative Virtual Spark, LLC.

While I’m not nearly as proud of our work there as I am in the awesomeness of the two children we share, it is another avenue of helping that brings fulfillment (and is helpful in bulking up the college fund for said children!)