Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant with Over 12 Years of Experience in Long Term Care, Outpatient, Post Rehabilitation and Home Health Assisting Patients

Internship: Veterans Affair Hospital

Veterans Affair Hospital

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

January 2001-April 2001

Internship: Prairie Rehab Services

Prairie Rehabilitation Services

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Professional Experience:

December 24, 2007 – Present
May 14, 2007 – November 19, 2007


Summer 2006

  • Help individuals to gain their life back to the level of function prior to having surgery, being injured or having uncontrollable pain issues.
  • As a PTA, help individuals by assisting with the use of a variety of techniques including modalities, ROM (Range-Of-Motion), Therapeutic Exercises and Manual Therapy.